Shirwell Parish Council

Welcome to the Shirwell Parish Council website

The Parish Council aims to represent the interests of the community of Shirwell to improve the quality of life, and the local environment. Decisions taken at Council meetings can influence other decision makers, and can in many cases, deliver services to meet local needs. The Council aims to make a difference for the good of the community as a whole.

Shirwell Parish Council is the first tier of local government. The Council is a corporate body, a legal entity separate from that of its members. The decisions taken are the responsibility of the whole body. The Council has been granted certain powers by Parliament including the authority to raise money through taxation (The Precept)

Shirwell also has a District Councillor (North Devon District Council) as well as the services of a County Councillor (Devon County Council.).
Monthly meetings, held usually the second Thursday in the month in the village hall, are open to any members of the public, comments and questions can be posed at the beginning of the meeting. Unfortunately due to standards that are adopted by Shirwell Parish council comments cannot be made during other parts of the meeting. Some of the main issues dealt with at Council meetings are Local Planning, highways, traffic, community safety, housing, street lighting community centres, litter, shelters, and rights of way.